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Peak Performance Coaching for Sportspeople

Sports CoachingTrying to achieve that elusive 'next level'? You're hard-working and dedicated, and yet it's a bit of a struggle. Something seems to be missing, but you can't quite put your finger on it. You can just see that gap between you and the competition isn’t getting any narrower – may even be widening. Where to start though to get that edge?

  • got the right support team?
  • sorted out tactics
  • diet and exercise
  • modelling
  • right psychology
  • conflicting priorities
  • inner sabotage

These are just some of the areas that you would cover with Steve, looking for that additional perspective to take you beyond these roadblocks. His combination of international racket sports background, and personal coaching experience / qualifications make him the right choice to get you on the right track.

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Life Coaching for Sportspeople

Steve has an international racket sports background, having represented Scotland at badminton and racketlon. He uses his skills in sports psychology to help athletes excel as well as a lifecoaching programme for sportspeople to ensure they maximise their potential.

He also featured on the BBC World Service radio programme 'Beyond Sport' in 2006, about the issues facing top sportspeople when they retire - alongside  Michael Jordan, Frank Bruno and Paul Gascoigne.

(Click here to listen/download the radio programme - .mp3, 26mb)

So you feel like your sporting career may be nearing it’s end...injury, experience no longer enough to overcome youth, or just time for a change ?

So what next? Looking for professional coaching assistance to guide you towards another career? Or perhaps equally importantly – have you thought through how to fill the void that leaving behind one of your most loved activities could leave ?

Need a different sport or hobby ?

What about these emotional needs that you take for granted (or were unaware of !)

  • the love of competition
  • letting off steam
  • the thrill of peak performance
  • getting into ‘the zone’
  • ongoing fitness and exercise

Wouldn't it be a shame to lose that fitness or physiques and end up a couch potato ?

Or it might be – there's some barriers getting in the way of your full sporting potential. Can't commit to the max with your sport, until you sort the rest of your life out.

In either case, contact Steve for a free consultation / 30 min coaching session.