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By undergoing coaching I have been able to evaluate why I have been successful in certain situations and with  certain people, and less effective in others. This has allowed me to alter my style in certain situations to allow others to contribute more.

Ian Elliot, Operations Director, Medical Company.

When I first met Steve, I was strongly aware of my own shortcomings and intensely frustrated by my inability to progress in a positive way. I was confused and lacked direction.

Working with Steve helped me change all of this enormously in a very short space of time. Within the first few sessions, he provided clarity and focus, heightened my self-awareness and gave me tools and skills to use that I always felt were out there but just not within my reach. As a result, I feel more positive and confident about life, my colleagues and family appreciate the transformation and I am genuinely excited again about my own abilities and development. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone genuinely seeking to improve themselves in any sphere of life.

Rahda Thomas, Development Manager, RGU, Aberdeen

In all my >20 years of employment I have never been on such a coaching program that has had such a change effect on my work, family, health and fitness. The 1:1 sessions were of great benefit as was the workshop. I don’t normally say this about courses, but it could have been longer as the whole program flew by.     

DMac, EHS  Manager, Inverness.

I found the coaching process very worthwhile, and it has helped me to develop a more moderate style of leadership.

CR, OIM, MaerskOil North Sea UK Ltd.

Since our first meeting, Steve has been instrumental in providing me with the knowledge, confidence, self-awareness and mental tools needed for me to take control and responsibility for my life.

My aspirations as a world class athlete owe a huge part to the contribution Steve has made to my life, and how I now lead it.

Alistair Casey, International Badminton Player.

“Steve coached me for 8 months in which time he helped me improve significantly as both a leader and as a person. Through our discussions and subsequent personal self-reflection, he made me feel more comfortable within myself and increased my self-awareness. Steve has a great way of getting you to answer your own deep questions; the kind that really matter.
I would recommend Steve to anyone who wants to improve themself as a coach, a leader and most of all as a person. I've put my money where my mouth is and already signed up three of my team to work with him next year.”.

Scott Dickinson, Quality Manager, Medical Company.

Steve is a very effective coach whose coaching expertise is allied with high intelligence, wonderful intuition, humanity, honesty, humour and patience.  His questions are clear and insightful, helping the client's own clarity and insights.  He clearly loves what he does and is both fascinated about personal development and joyful in a clients' progress.  

Julie Kay, Director, Coaching in Partnership

This insight into peoples behavioural traits as coached by Steve has allowed me to improve my contribution in both 1:1 situations and within broader groups where personnel behaviours, team dynamics and interactions are now better understood by myself. 

Ian Broadgate, Quality Head, Pharma Co, N. England 

Steve helped me to sort through all the crap and focus on the root causes of my unhappiness, frustration and anger at work and the knock-on into my home life. He guided me in examining the key values that were core to me and we worked on building to re-focus my energies into being someone that was in control and intrinsically driven.

Anon, Director Pharma Co, London. 

What am I doing differently?

  • Less shouting at the kids
  • Journaling
  • feeling more energetic
  • feeling less pressured
  • stopping to breathe
  • recognising my condition in others
  • performing better

 The last one's important, and something I wanted to refer to in the testimonial, now I've stopped demanding too much of myself, I'm taking a step back and finding that what I do is actually pretty good!

Phil Low, Site IT Manager, Pharma Co. Scotland.

Life is a journey and sometimes we may feel lost or unsure which road to follow. I found myself confused, with many roads in front of me when I met Steve. Through his ability to really listen to what I was saying and through simple (though often challenging) dialogue helped me to clarify where I was and helped me to appreciate the breadth and potential of the opportunities ahead of me.

Karine Burns, Consultant, Glasgow.

Steve's approach is very client-oriented, in that I was invited to "lead" the sessions and in that way we were able to identify the things I needed to talk about. His methods ranged from a simple chat to more complex psychological tools, and I never felt awkward or embarrassed using them.

Simon Ellis, IT Manager, Stirling.