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Corporate Coaching

Developing people and their talents is the dynamic which drives SYT Coaching and Development Ltd.

We understand that people grow in confidence and personal stature when they are supported and encouraged to take enthusiastic responsibility for themselves and their future.

Companies and organisations need leaders who have the self confidence to lead. To become truly effective leaders, able to pass on the vision of leadership, we must understand how to manage others.

"We engaged SYT Coaching and Development to build the coaching skills of our senior managers. In doing so, we were looking to enhance their leadership capability by strengthening their capacity to get the best out of their teams, both at the individual and collective level.

The outcomes of this  programme have exceeded our expectations. The work that Steve Thomson and his associates have done with us has been transformational and has moved us a long way towards our goal of building a coaching culture."

DM, Medical Company.

Wherever we find ourselves, we need the resources to confront difficult decisions and challenge the future. Developing self awareness helps us become more self accountable and able to provide answers for ourselves.

Staff Development is no less central to the success of a business. Each individual in every organisation can benefit from enhanced positive attitude, increased confidence and reliance, which are the building blocks of leadership. Improving team performance by allowing the individuals within it to communicate and develop as a team is a key Human Resource objective.

SYT Coaching & Development Ltd have developed effective techniques and tools to encourage clients to discard the comfort zones of their workplace. We focus our coaching on helping people at every stage of their development to identify and demolish the obstacles that stand in the way of their true potential.

SYT Coaching and Development Ltd provides 1:1 coaching for senior management , using only experienced Corporate Coaches. We also provide a Coaching Skills for Mangers two day Training course, with follow-up