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Coaching Supervision

Supervision is important for coaches themselves. Research has shown that a large majority of coaches, and of those who organise and buy coaching, agree that coaches should have regular coach supervision.

Even the most experienced coaches need help to constantly re-examine their practice, to continue to develop their skills and self-awareness, and to avoid being drawn into their clients’ systems.

For organisations, coaching supervision can be a way of assuring quality by opening up practice to external experienced scrutiny and by making sure that coaches are regularly attending to their personal and professional development. For the coaching profession, the establishment of coaching supervision can help to increase the credibility and image of the coaching industry. Coaching supervision is now being advocated by nearly all the professional coaching bodies.

Steve Thomson received his extensive training in coaching supervision from the internationally renowned Bath Consultancy Group in 2008/9. His supervision style is very interactive and flexible, and is equally happy delivering individual or group supervision.

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